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IBM Extreme Blue

IBM öffnet das Tor zu einer Welt mit unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten. Was 1999 mit 25 Studierenden in Cambridge (USA) angefangen hat, ist heute ein weltweites Praktikum mit jährlich über 150 Teilnehmern an zehn verschiedenen IBM Standorten.

Das Praktikumsprogramm Extreme Blue vereint beispiellose fachliche Kompetenz, eine leistungsgerechte Vergütung, die Chance sich im Team spannenden Herausforderungen zu stellen, wertvolle Berufserfahrung zu sammeln und Kontakte zu knüpfen.

Setzen Sie Ihr Talent ein und entdecken Sie die Möglichkeiten, die sich bei einem Global Player bieten.

Was erwartet Sie bei IBM Extreme Blue?

Das Praktikum dauert ca. zwei Monate. Sie haben die Möglichkeit gemeinsam mit anderen Extreme Blue Teilnehmer/innen an einem innovativen und marktaktuellen Projekt zu arbeiten. Dabei werden Sie von erfahrenen Managern, Consultants und IT-Spezialisten aus verschiedenen Bereichen der IBM tatkräftig unterstützt.
Zum Abschluss des Praktikums präsentiert jedes Team seine Projektergebnisse bei der internationalen Abschlussveranstaltung.

Wen suchen wir für IBM Extreme Blue?

Für das IBM Extreme Blue Programm suchen wir kreative und hochmotivierte Studierende der Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Informatik, Elektrotechnik und verwandter Fachrichtungen, die ein herausforderndes Praktikum erleben wollen. Für uns ist es wichtig, dass Sie gute Studienleistungen mitbringen und Ihr Grundstudium bereits abgeschlossen haben. Wenn Sie dazu noch analytisch denken können und Spaß am kreativen Umgang mit Problemen haben, dann sind Sie bei Extreme Blue an der richtigen Adresse!

IBM Extreme Blue Termine in Deutschland

Das IBM Extreme Blue Programm in Deutschland startet im März/April mit der Bekanntgabe der Projekte.
Die Projekte werde sowohl auf dieser Webseite als auch unter bekanntgegeben.
Es folgt die Bewerbungsfrist, die bis Ende Mai geht und in der die Projektmentoren die Bewerbungen durcharbeiten und Bewerbungsgespräche durchführen.
Das Praktikum beginnt Anfang Juli mit dem Kickoff und endet spätestens Ende September. Der genaue Projektbeginn wird im Team festgelegt.

IBM Extreme Blue 2014 Projekte

Die Projekte werden auf der englischen Seite vorgestellt.

IBM Extreme Blue opens the door to a world of unlimited possibilities. What began in 1999 with 25 students in Cambridge (US), is now a worldwide mission with over 150 participants in ten different IBM locations every year.
This internship program brings together unprecedented technical competence, at a fair compensation, and it gives you the chance to embrace exciting challenges with your team, to collect valuable experience, and to create a broader personal network for yourself.
Bring in your talent and discover the opportunities that a global player can offer.

What can you expect from IBM Extreme Blue?

The internship will take approximately two months. You have the opportunity to work together with other Extreme Blue participants on an innovative and market-related project. Experienced managers, consultants and IT-specialists from various areas of IBM will support you. At the end of the program, every team will present their project results at the international Extreme Blue Expo in Ehningen, Germany.

Who do we want for IBM Extreme Blue?

For the IBM Extreme Blue program we are looking for creative and highly motivated students who want to experience a challenging internship. Your subjects should be in the areas of economics, business informatics, computer science, electrical engineering or related disciplines of study. It is important for us that you have had good study results so far and have already completed your basic study. If you are an analytical thinker and you enjoy solving problems in a creative way, you are exactly what we are looking for.

IBM Extreme Blue Germany dates

The IBM Extreme Blue Germany program starts every year in March/April with the announcement of this year's projects.
The projects are announced on this webpage as well as
In April and May the project-specific interview and selection is made by the project mentors.
The internship will start with a Kickoff in early July and will end by end of September. The exact project schedule will be set in the team.

IBM Extreme Blue projects 2014

  • - Blue Workflow from the Cloud

    The Task:
    Participants in this project will create a compelling workflow application, combining REST services available on the Internet (such as Twitter, Google, Dropbox) and application logic into a long-running stateful workflow.
    Purpose of that application is to convey the advantages of using workflow over traditional programming, through code, documentation, and other media (e.g., video).

    The Outcome:
    The 'Blue Workflow from the Cloud' project heavily exercised the Bluemix Workflow service Beta over a number of iterations, helping to improve its capability and stability.
    Combining Workflow, OAuth, and Push notifications, the team managed to demonstrate exciting capability for Cloud developers.

  • - Hardware Acceleration for DB2 BLU

    The Task:
    The goal of this project is to significantly speed-up Analytics Applications on IBM's in memory data base (DB2 BLU) by using FPGAs.
    Analytics queries usually have two main steps. It is still desirable to further accelerate the processing.
    This hardware accelleration can be achieved by using FPGAs to preprocess the data.
    After enhancing the concept, some critical routines will be implemented in FPGAs, evaluating different algorithms.

    The Outcome:
    Alternative hardware implementations have been developed and evaluated.
    Specfic requirements for system architecture and bandwidth were identified.
    Such early PoCs and system evaluations are essential to determine the ideal HW/SW balance due to the long development cycles in HW.

  • - Project CloudWalker - Hopping between the clouds

    The Task:
    In this project, the team will build a bridge between blueMix applications and classical enterprise applications that are delivered via an API in a private cloud.
    You and your colleagues will collaborate with a customer to build an examplary (*eye catching*) Software-as-a-Service application consisting of a blueMix native and an enterprise application part.

    The outcome:
    4 students + 4 laptops + 1 room + 102 Nucki Ice Cream Cones + Bluemix + OpenStack = Cloudwalker (fun, hard work, outstanding results, 1 app, 1 ServiceBroker)
    A Quote of an IBM Fellow: "This is excellent, and should definitely be taken forward"

  • - Predicitve Policing

    The Task:
    The main goal of this project is the prediction of crime, particularly residential burglaries.
    To do so first the main predictors for individual burglaries need to be identified. These results have to be presented in a very compelling visualisation in order to support the police with force deployment for preventing the predicted crimes.

    The Outcome:
    The Extreme Blue Predictive Policing Team produced fantastic results in predicting burglaries very accurately and presented these predictions in a way that German police forces can use them in their daily word to make our homes safer.
    The team worked with real world crime data and used IBM SPSS Modeler to build the models and IBM Cognos to present the results.
    The project finished third place across all 24 European ExtremeBlue projects of 2014.

  • - Material Health Monitoring

    The Task:
    With this project we want to demonstrate how sensor technologies and non-destructive test procedures can be used for real-time asset condition monitoring and damage prediction.
    Although the focus is on composite materials the solution approach can be used for traditional materials (steel, etc.) as well.

    The Outcome:
    An concept of an end-to-end solution to monitor carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFK or CFRP) with an industry partner was outlined.
    Additional application areas of such solutions were identified.
    The IBM solutions assets like the Internet-of-things cloud, SPSS, IBM Bluemix can now be showcased better to different customers to work on a utilisation for their specifc scenario.

  • - APIs for Banking and Financial Markets

    The Task:
    Identify suitable services from banking or financial markets institutes and implement a prototype using IBM BlueMix as the cloud platform for development and delivery. Finally, implement a sample use cases, which shows the consumability of the provided services.
    The main goal of this project is to identify suitable services from banking or financial markets institutes and to implement a prototype using IBM BlueMix as the cloud platform for development and delivery.
    The project consists of three major deliverables:
    The first task is to identify services, which provide value to banking or financial services clients and allow the financial institute to capture value.
    The second deliverable is a set of APIs which expose the selected services on the IBM BlueMix platform.
    Finally, the developed APIs will be leveraged to implement a sample use cases, which shows the consumability of the provided services.
    The development and implementation will be performed on the IBM BlueMix platform in the context of a global financial institution.

    The Outcome:
    The students identified several valueable scenarios and developed demos w/ IBM Bluemix based on market analyse and customer feedback
    The results and insights can be incorporated in digital transformation initiatives, like usage of IBM Bluemix and Web APIs for modern systems of engagement.
    The project was selected the winning team of all 24 European ExtremeBlue projects in 2014.