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You would expect that a company dedicated to helping others innovate would have some pretty innovative programs for their own employees too.

We have a range of exciting opportunities that are critical for our business and we need talented people to come on board.

Your life

IBM is a great place to work because we focus on achievement, not hours, and on our people, not projects. Quite simply, you are IBM's key to business success. We are committed to creating a workplace culture and environment in which you can balance your career with your personal priorities. We offer you various options to help you balance responsibilities at work and at home.

Your health

We offer a range of personal benefits such as medical schemes, health screening, wellness programmes and insurance programmes. We try to be as flexible as possible, so you can choose what is appropriate for your personal needs.

Health Care/ Medical Program
Our Medical service provider is offering a wide range of medical services in modern medical centers, covering the medical service for IBM employees, regular employee check-ups, extended medical services for employees and their family members, and flu vaccination.

Global Life Insurance
The IBM insurance program covers all IBM employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the case of death or a permanent disability. The insurance program is covered through an external insurance provider.

Travel Accident Insurance
The IBM worldwide Travel Accident Insurance (TAI) policy covers accidental death and dismemberment injuries while travelling on IBM management authorized business pursuits.

Contribution to employee pension fund
Within this plan IBM contributes to its employee’s individual pension fund with state support.

Your benefits

At IBM we understand the importance of knowing about your pay and benefits. IBM’s total compensation package ensures you are paid competitively for your performance, knowledge, and skills.
As well, our wide variety of benefits provides you with the resources and peace of mind you need to focus on IBM’s key business objectives.

Performance Bonus
Another principle we follow to attract, motivate and retain the most talented employees is to offer a Performance bonus. If you are a regular employee, you will have some portion of your annual compensation tied directly to business results. This is to ensure you receive the appropriate recognition and rewards.

Extended Vacation
IBM provides its employees with 5 additional days of vacation on top of the statutory annual vacation entitlement.

Subsidized Sickness
IBM provides its employees with a supplementary payment during sick leave on top of statutory payments.

The ESSP used by IBM gives its employees an opportunity to invest into the IBM stock with a 5% discount. Shares may be purchased every month using an appropriate deduction from the salary; you are entitled to add or remove a joint owner or leave the program anytime.

Relocation Program
If you want to move to Brno from Bohemia or a foreign country, we have a relocation support program available. If you come from abroad, our partner firm will help you get through the process and assist in negotiations with the authorities. What we require from you is to submit some paperwork, and leave the rest to us.

Sports and Relaxation
Do you find sitting all day long boring? Physical activity is important, and that is why we support a considerable number of team sports activities and individual exercises though discounts for our staff.