Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

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In a business as big as ours, there’s a diverse range of roles on offer. From Consulting & Services, Sales or Software Development to IT & Telecoms, we have opportunities for experts in all walks of life. It means that wherever your own skills lie, you’ll find a place for them to fit here. What’s more, you’ll find a place where they can grow even further.

Discover more about the individual areas on offer and work out which of them is right for you.

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Consulting & Services

We believe the imagination and insight of our consultants can consistently and noticeably improve the world around us. Working for IBM, you’ll tackle a wide range of projects alongside some of the world’s most creative, high profile organisations.

Broadly speaking, our consultants work within various different service lines, which are defined by the services we provide to our clients and the industries in which we go to market.

IT & Telecomms

Complex, large-scale, ground-breaking solutions are nothing without the expertise to make them work. This is what our IT & Telecoms professionals provide, from design to implementation and maintenance. IT specialists are deployed in every IBM business unit around the world.

Project Management

Project Management covers a broad range of roles that apply a variety of project management processes and tools. They are involved with leading projects and are accountable for their success. Some of their responsibilities include project scoping and planning, developing cost structure, tracking and reporting deliverables, and contract and risk management. Project Management roles can include Quality Assurance, Measurements and Reporting Analysts, software process improvement specialists, Project Office management, Project administration and many others.


IBM is known worldwide for its innovations and technology – but our reputation is built on what we do with them. We work with businesses across the globe to solve some of the world’s biggest problems – which is probably why our sales force is so highly respected internationally. Our sales professionals don’t just sell products, they really do offer solutions.

Software Development

It’s no exaggeration to say that our Software Group (SWG) is one of the world’s most admired and innovative software makers. In labs across the world, our developers work on solutions that will make sure the millions of people already using IBM software enjoy fast, reliable, user-friendly platforms. While others cling to yesterday's proprietary models, we’re looking to tomorrow.