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Experienced Professionals

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Name: Nicole Spycher-Schuette
Position: Manager IMT ALPS Accelerated Value Program, Customer Situation Management

IBM is a global company which allows employees to develop their talents whilst finding a successful work life balance.

I studied architecture specializing in technology at the Technical University of Karlsruhe. As a scientific assistant at the University of Karlsruhe, I was part of various research projects and I worked in Hong Kong for 2 years on urban development. I had always been fascinated by IBM as my father worked for them, but I used to think that my educational background in architecture would not be compatible with career opportunities at IBM.

In 1998, I applied for a great job that combined research, planning and IT: Project Management (Site Services) for a football stadium - this was the start of my career at IBM.
From 1998-2001, I was project manager for Site Services and other European projects.
In 2001, I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of finance and joined Finance Central Region; this led to a profound understanding of how IBM works and how the company is managed. In 2002, I became Senior Sales Specialist for General Business in Switzerland.
The next step was the start of my management career in IBM’s software group.

The most exciting element of my job is working with customers on a daily basis, namely supporting their businesses and making them more efficient. What also fascinates me about IBM is the mentoring system. It is highly rewarding to see how my mentees develop and their careers progress.


Name: Nevenka
Position: Director of ITS Alps

It is the diversity of people and cultures as well as the broad variety of products and solutions that makes IBM the place to be for me. Working with passionate and talented people to help clients achieve their business needs with the help of IT solutions is what fascinates me about the IT industry.

My personal job-related passion is the ability to be part of the transformation of the business according to customer needs. The close client contact and the teamwork are the integral parts of my daily working life that I enjoy the most. I believe that this passion for collaboration is an important requirement for empowering our people to act fast and professionally in the market.

As IT has become a vital and integral part of our clients’ strategies, my daily work consists of connecting IT and business issues, which requires a good insight into our clients’ industries and the changing market demands they need to meet. The prospect of learning new things and managing a dynamic team makes everyday exciting.


Name: Claudia
Position: Head of Server & System Operations, Strategic Outsourcing Delivery (Switzerland & Austria)

At IBM, I meet and work with people from all over the world and learn about different cultures. At the same time, I am working on complex projects with tough deadlines with highly competent colleagues who are dedicated to the client’s success. I enjoy the constant change this company undergoes - you have to be highly flexible and continually motivated to learn new things and adapt to new situations.

With a master’s in law, you might be surprised to find me in any other IBM department than Legal. I started in the IBM Consulting then I moved into Sales, where my negotiation skills provided me with a strong foundation for learning. Throughout my career I have received education in different areas, enabling me to carry out varied tasks in the best possible way.

I wanted to work in an open and international environment that would allow me to follow my own career path. I went through IBM Consulting Strategy & Change education and passed the IBM Global Sales School with distinction as Account Manager for one of the largest Swiss companies before moving into management. Today, I lead a large department of several hundred people delivering the highest quality IT services to our outsourcing clients in Switzerland and Austria.

My personal experience has taught me that, it is not what you have learned in the past that is important, but rather how you apply this knowhow to new areas. IBM’s core interest is IT, but in order to function in this field with the highest performance and quality, a wide range of other skills are required. IBM has always been good at developing people based on their strengths and deploying them to work towards a common goal. I find new constellations of people, talents and knowhow almost every day, which provides me with the motivation to lead a team.

Meet some women and hear what they have to say about being an IBMer.


You too can be an IBMer.

Over the past 100 years, millions of IBMers all over the globe have helped make the world work better and smarter. Today, our company is made up of more than 430,000 women and men in 170 countries. IBMers are leading business and technology experts working with clients in all industries in the private and public sectors to build a smarter planet. We thrive on solving problems - big and small - and are constantly building our knowledge and expertise in order to find the best solutions to help our clients achieve their goals and create new possibilities.

IBM is growing and we're looking for more talented individuals to join our team. Looking for a new challenge? Interested in making an impact? Looking for a progressive organization that values and rewards collaboration, innovation and creativity? A pre-eminent social enterprise that is today's most essential company? Whether it's consulting, management, research, sales or any other area of business, and if you want to focus on today's most exciting technologies — Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud — the opportunities are endless and you can make a difference at IBM.


What do we look for in an IBMer?


Working at IBM

At IBM we are committed to building a global, diverse workforce. Today women represent approximately 30 percent of IBM employees worldwide and over 22% of our global executive population is made up of women, two-thirds of which are working mothers.
Our work-life and career development programs give you the power to design your workday and your life, according to your unique styles and needs. By taking advantage of our programs you can balance a life outside of the workplace with the challenging demands of a career. As your needs change, we will work with you to adjust your career path to match your lifestyle. The bottom line: changing careers does not have to mean changing employers.


Mentoring and Networks

Mentoring is key to leadership development at IBM, especially as employees collaborate in widely scattered virtual teams. Most IBM employees have at least one mentor, starting from the day they join the company and they are paired with more formal and informal mentors throughout their career. IBM has over 220 employee network groups - more than 50 are women's groups including:

All IBMers are eligble to apply for a coveted spot in the Corporate Services Corps (US). Launched in 2008, the program is designed to provide IBMers with high quality leadership development while delivering high quality problem solving for communities and organizations in emerging markets.


Rankings and awards

At IBM, we pride ourselves on being an industry-leader, as well as a great place to work. The recognition we receive reinforces our ongoing efforts to make the right decisions on behalf of our employees, our clients and the communities we serve around the world.





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