Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

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Working at IBM is not just about your day-to-day job. When we hire you, we have your long-term professional life in mind.

We encourage you to follow your passion – by learning new skills, working across different disciplines or moving into new challenges. Anything is possible with our award-winning, customised professional development and leadership training. In fact, every IBM employee takes advantage of several training opportunities every year.

In short, we believe that global innovation demands not just a diverse range of employees but also the right work/life initiatives that will sustain them, and make them want to stay with us. That’s why IBM gives you the power to design your workday, and your life, according to your unique styles and needs.

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Key Benefits

  • Flexible hours

    We focus on achievement, not hours, and on our people, not projects. The ability to work longer hours some days, shorter hours others; the ability to work from home or at an IBM location nearer home, means you can better balance the demands of your job with your interests and home life.

  • Salary & Compensation

    Salary is determined according to the performance principle. All regular employees participate in the success of IBM and/or their business unit. Income thereby consists of a guaranteed base salary and variable success premiums, which are specified by the managers.

    The base salary is paid in 13 monthly salaries as a gross wage. The 13th salary is paid out in two instalments, one in June, the other in December.

    During the military service, based on the contractually agreed salary, IBM pays:

    IBM has various monetary and non-monetary programs of recognition, through which, employees who accomplish extraordinary achievements within IBM and who support the IBM innovation outlook through new ideas, are rewarded.

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    EAP provides support to you and your immediate family members via a free confidential counselling service, which is available 24/7 to discuss personal, work or financial issues.

  • Employee Discount Programme

    Our discount scheme, IBM Rewards, has more than 3000 offers for you to take advantage of, including savings, discounts at a huge range of stores, and even cashback.

  • Career Center (Skill Center)

    IBM places great importance on the development of employees. The internal career center is a contact point for employees and managers and helps with questions regarding career development. As an objective first-point-of contact partner, the career consultant supports in matters of profile assessment, discussing possible next development steps and planning training activities in connection with one's market-relevant skills and abilities.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    IBM values the differences between people and places them in the center of their focus; people with manifold abilities and talents, who greatly enrich all segments of our international community.

    IBM has therefore set global standards for this diversity. An overall strategy with a focus on individual and cultural awareness, acceptance, work/life balance, integration of the handicapped and advancement of women supports these aims in a global environment. We thereby keep an eye not only on the global market, but also on the structuring of a heterogeneous management team.

  • Health & Well-being

    A large part of our personnel strategy is concerned with the compatibility of work with family or private life. By employing modern technologies and flexible work models, IBM ensures the success of work/life balance measures. They deal with such aspects as leisure time and club activities, information, advice and placement services for child care, care for elderly family members and household help. Within an environment that is so designed, you determine when and where you work. IBM was certified as the most family aware company.

    IBM wants to promote the health of its employees and protect them against accidents and health problems. Our comprehensive safety concept therefore includes all measures that will help to prevent possible dangers, occupational illnesses and accidents at the workplace. In addition, we are committed to active health promotion and want to improve our employees' awareness of safety and health-relevant behaviour at the workplace and during leisure time by means of information and training.

    The Health Center offers IBM employees a range of attractive and health promoting initiatives in house. In our fitness center, you have the opportunity on the one hand to use the most modern of fitness equipment, and on the other hand to participate in a diverse program of fitness trainings. External masseurs offer various health massages.

  • External training

    A large number of IBM internal courses are available for the basic training, permanent specialist further education as well as for personal development, which will help our employees to better adapt to current and future requirements. Where this is not the case, IBM can support external courses financially and by granting time-off e.g. language courses, postgraduate courses and studies.

  • Parenthood & Child allowances

    Female employees receive their contractually agreed salary for a period of 16 weeks after the birth. Male employees receive 3 days paid holiday at the birth of their child.

    Did you know that IBM Switzerland is certified as a 'Family Friendly Company'? IBM supports Work/Life Balance in order to help you with balancing the conflicting interests of career, family and private life. For example, we offer a family service or 'Mary Poppins' child care.

    The level of child allowance depends on the legal regulations at the place where the headquarters or IBM branch in which the employee works is located. For children still in full-time education, the allowance is paid until completion of their education, but not later than the age of 25.

  • Expenses

    All entitlements to compensation for expenses necessary and appropriate for achieving set business goals are indemnified. IBM promotes the use of public transport, and offers commuter season tickets for travel to and from work at attractive conditions. Mobility CarSharing may be used for combined rail and car mobility.

  • Locations

    IBM has offices based around the CH – click here to see where