What is Extreme Blue?

The IBM Extreme Blue™ program is our incubator for talent, technology and business innovation. During the period from the end of June to mid September, IBM will run several Extreme Blue projects worldwide. IBM Belgium usually host three Extreme Blue projects in Brussels.

You will work together in a team of 4 international students on an innovative project for one of IBM’s strategic clients. The projects start with a business challenge, detailed by the client. After the analysis of this challenge and the client’s needs, you’ll continue with a two week brainstorming phase, generating numerous ideas, using different brainstorming techniques. Together with the client, the most promising idea will be selected and developed into a solid business case and a prototype. Experienced IBM mentors and the latest IBM technology will help the team to obtain highly-valued results. The culmination of your 12 weeks hard work will be a visit to the European Expo in one of the participating countries along with Extreme Blue students from across Europe, where you get to present your projects' deliverables to IBM's Executive Management, international press and your fellow European student teams!

Each project team will consist of one business student and three technical students. At the start, all team members operate in the same role. During the project, the business student will focus on defining the value of the solution in business terms of organizational and/or financial efficiency and effectiveness, while the technical students focus on the deeper development of the prototype.

How to apply?

We are now accepting applications for the scheme starting 2014. For application related to the Extreme Blue program only, please send your resume to

What are we looking for?

IBM Belgium is looking for ambitious students who are confident about their abilities, keen to learn and are in for a summer full of passion, intensity and fun. Experience the ultimate internship with the European EXPO in September where you get to present your projects' deliverables to IBM's Executive Management, international press and your fellow European student teams!

We are preferably looking for students in their first year of Master. For legal reasons, non European students can only apply if they are studying at a Belgian university.

Are you enthusiastic and a team player? Are you looking for a unique opportunity to gain experience and grow exponentially? Then you are an excellent candidate for Extreme Blue in our Brussels IBM headquarters.

What we offer?

First of all, we'll offer you the enriching and challenging experience of working in an international environment and for a real client. You’ll get the chance to run your own project - from initial start up right through to the development and presentation of your brand new product.

A team of experienced IBMers will be dedicated to support your development along the way. You will be working with some of the best minds in the industry so you will be learning from the best and if you want to reach their level, this is the place to start.

You'll also gain confidence as well as experience. You'll learn how to present your ideas, liaise with clients, talk confidently in front of large groups and build relationships with influential people.

You’ll get the chance to meet other European teams and to share your knowledge during the European expo and other teaming events. All expenses will be covered.

Prove yourself during the program, and it may be the first step towards a full career in IBM. In fact after you graduate, our Extreme Blue team will do everything they can to find the graduate position that best suits you.

The Extreme Blue internship will make you GROW... both personally and professionally.

You can already imagine it but you want to feel it too: have a look at the youtube videos of our students last year and visit our twitter account!