Meet the team

A great way to find out more about our opportunities for students is to hear from the people who have already worked for us….


Are you open-minded, flexible, proactive and enthusiastic about what you want to achieve? If the answer is yes, as it was for me, then IBM’s graduate program will offer you a great place to start your career!

After a few years in research and working in a global setting, I joined IBM as a graduate in April 2012, and so far IBM has rewarded my decision to join the company in many ways.

The best part is the people. You get advice from any number of people, whatever your background, project, job role or position is. IBM actively supports and encourages you to try different roles, take initiative for leadership and be fearless in challenging yourself. Another great deal is the variety of (mostly) online and also face-to-face training programmes offered.


Being a graduate at IBM means meeting great people, finding new friends, being quickly integrated into your new team and experiencing a world full of opportunities.
From the first day my colleagues – especially my buddy – helped me to get to grips with the world of IBM and gain insight into my future job role.

IBM offers comprehensive education and on-the-job training, which was very useful when I started my new job. Now, some years later I still recognize the company's confidence in its graduates - that's why I enjoy being a graduate at IBM!