IBM Crypto Analytics Tool (EKMP-CAT)


The Enterprise Key Management Pillar-Crypto Analytics Tool (EKMP-CAT) has been developed to help provide up-to-date monitoring as well as controls for managing which applications use specific cryptographic functions and keys. In a world of Big Data and increased transparency, banking and government organizations are facing not only continually evolving regulatory requirements but also rapidly growing volume of data that requires protection. To help ensure compliance and policy enforcement, comprehensive cryptographic tools are needed to simplify management and monitoring of functions and keys within your organization. EKMP-CAT is designed to provide fast, reliable crypto information to help organizations and their decisions towards crypto systems. The EKMP-CAT Agent collects cryptographic information across the enterprise that are then made available to the CAT Monitor running on your desktop. The CAT Montor provides overviews, queries and reports to better manage crypto installations.



EKMP-CAT is designed to provide fast, reliable crypto information to help people in different roles of the organization make qualified decisions about crypto systems. EKMP-CAT collects cryptographic information from across the enterprise and ensures that each crypto system is following best practices by providing:


Using EKMP-CAT can help when dealing with managing complex cryptography resources across an organization in three key areas; control, up-to-date view of current system status, and compliance. EKMP-CAT is designed to address each of these challenges;

User friendly solution

EKMP-CAT offers IBM System z users an overview that combines data from all of an organizations crypto systems in an easy-to-review format. The data gathered through EKMP-CAT can help to better focus in crypto policy issues; easily see changes made within the crypto system and complete crypto problem analysis. These capabilities can be especially useful for auditors who need to verify and document ongoing compliance within the crypto system.



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