IBM Crypto Hardware Initialization and Management (CHIM)


The IBM Crypto Hardware Initialization and Management (CHIM) lets you manage multiple IBM 4765 crypto processor cards installed in IBM System x and p.

This solution supports enrolling and managing groups of servers with IBM 4765 crypto devices.


The CHIM Manager is installed on a management desktop or laptop with smart card support. The CHIM Manager application provides the user interface for dual login and administration of configurations and master keys for the crypto devices.

A CHIM Agent is installed on each server to be managed. The CHIM Agent then enables administration of one or more IBM 4765 cards installed.

Furthermore, CHIM supports managing User Defined eXtensions (UDX) to the IBM CCA crypto firmware. This way you can administer multiple UDXes in the IBM 4765 cards.

CHIM is designed to provide end-to-end security so that a Master key generated securely in a smart card is loaded directly into the IBM 4765 master key registers inside the tamper resistant part of the crypto cards.

CHIM supports the IBM servers where the IBM 4765 is supported.

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