The z/OS Problem Documentation Upload Utility (IBM PDUU) uses an internal compression feature and offers (optional) file encryption. Use of additional file compression tools like AMATERSE is not necessary, nor recommended when using IBM PDUU. It is a parallel FTP utility that is designed to send z/OS documentation in a more efficient manner to IBM FTP sites. This utility break up the original file into multiple pieces that are processed in parallel. This can result in a significantly reduced elapsed time when transferring data to z/OS support, which may be an important consideration when dealing with critical outages.

If the system is running z/OS 1.13, see the MVS Diagnosis: Tools and Service Aids manual (PDF,3.38MB) for directions on how to use this IBM PDUU utility, e.g. AMAPDUPL module (go to chapter 18). For earlier releases, see the IBM z/OS Problem Documentation Upload Utility page for directions to install and use this utility (MTFTPS module).

Note: to meet legal requirements, PDUU might enforce use of FTPS (FTP over TLS, explicit) protocol.

IBM PDUU - IBM My Support case numbers

Please refer to IBM Technote, in order to get IBM My Support case support for IBM PDUU


Network settings

In the "Target System" parameter, these addresses must be entered manually.

Note: Please use the server closest to your physical location.


Asia Pacific


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