The Java utility "IBM Secure Diagnostic Data Upload Utility" (IBM SDDUU) helps customers transfer support data to IBM faster, more securely, and more conveniently. A command line client and a GUI client are available. Both versions support the same functionality. Key features include:

  • Parallel upload via anonymous FTP (up to 8 parallel sessions are possible)
  • Data encryption using AES-128 key for each file part and RSA-2048 key for the key exchange
  • Online compression

Please note that file names must use standard ASCII characters (no double byte characters).

The Java utility supports English, German, French and Japanese languages and has been tested as functional on the AIX, Linux, Windows, i5 and z/OS platforms.
For z/OS the z/OS utility should be the first choice.


Network settings

In the "Network Setting" configuration window, the target server can be selected from a list.

Note: Please use the server closest to your physical location.


Asia Pacific


Please notice that formerly optional encryption, as stated in the video, is enforced in the meantime.

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