Note: Using the ECuRep Web Upload widget allows you to upload files of any size to The Web browser limitation of 2 gigabytes does not apply to the widget.

HTTPS upload sites (secure)

Note: IBM is trying to support secure encryption algorithms only on Web upload sites. Support for weak ciphers will be removed without notice from the secure upload server. Because we have to support automated uploads by old devices as well, some Web upload servers still offer old encryptions methods. Please use current Web browser versions for your manual uploads and select a secure server.

Note: IBM ID will be required to use the ECuRep Web interface, soon. Please make sure that you own such an ID.


Asia Pacific


Step-by-step instructions

While the above links will guide you through the process, the steps below are presented here for general guidance. Files larger than 2 GB can only be uploaded if Javascript is enabled.

  1. Enter the 'PMR number.branch code'/RCMS-ticket-number/CROSS-ticket-number (provided by support).
  2. Select the platform or software product you are working with.
  3. Enter your email address (optional).
  4. Click "Continue" to proceed to the file upload page.
  5. Choose up to five files to upload. No file naming convention is required for HTTPS upload because the PMR number, branch office and country code are automatically prefixed to each file uploaded.
  6. Click "Submit" to upload the files. If Javascript is enabled, a page will be displayed during the data upload process providing information on the progress of the upload such as total upload size, current position, time elapsed, estimated time remaining and estimated upload speed. If Javascript is disabled, no such information can be provided. The browser window needs to remain open until a new web page is displayed showing information on the upload performed. Leaving or closing the upload page terminates the upload process. All data for failed uploads will be removed from the web server.
  7. The ECuRep Web interface is tested using Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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