There are two basic steps that need to be followed in order to prepare your hardware data.

  1. Gather diagnostic data.
    • Your IBM SSR will inform you about diagnostic data and any specific data preparation required for which problem tracking system.
    • Your IBM SSR will provide you with a Problem Management Record number, which could be a PMR-(PMH), a MySupport Case, a RCMS- or, a CROSS- or an OCPM ticket number, depending on your geographic location and type of hardware. Write this down.
  2. Send data
    • Send data to IBM using the most appropriate method. Please use /toibm/hw directory). Problem data can also be send by an Email using the correct naming convention.
    • Your IBM SSR will inform you what directory to use.

IBM problem tracking services

IBM uses different kind of problem tracking services for different kind of hardware and geographic locations. Here a list of the most common ones:

    There are PMS and PMH records. PMS is for software records, PMH for hardware. In US, Power platform and system z uses RETAIN system for tracking HW problems In Europe, a HW problem is reported to RCMS first. The field engineer (1st level) uses RCMS to repair a HW system. As soon as the next support level is involved, a PMH is opened.
  • RCMS
    RCMS covers problem records for all kind of IBM HW data for Europe and LA.
    CROSS covers US Geo for mainly System x platform hardware records.

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