Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep) is a secure and fully supported data repository with problem determination tools and functions. It updates problem management records (PMR) and maintains full data life cycle management.

This server based solution is used to exchange data between IBM customers and IBM Technical Support. Please do not place files on or download files from this server without prior authorization from an IBM Representative. They will be able to provide further instructions as needed. Once you have contacted your IBM Representative please read Exchanging diagnostic data with IBM terms of use.

For 2018 several changes are scheduled to go live. One of these changes will be to require you to log in using your IBM ID. Please make sure that you own such an ID. We will also stop supporting plain FTP server for manual data upload. FTPS (FTP over TLS) encryption will be enforced to meet legal requirements.

There are two steps that must be completed to get your data loaded into the repository.

Step 1: Prepare your data

Follow the simple preparation instructions to ensure your data will be loaded properly.

Step 2: Send your data

Choose your desired method to send your data to the repository.

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