Double Byte Characters

ECuRep Datastore and Debug tools require that the Java utility "IBM Secure Diagnostic Data Upload Utility" (IBM SDDUU) translates double byte character file names to ASCII file names. The current version does not handle double byte character file names properly in all cases. Until this problem is fixed, please use standard ASCII file names only.


IBM SDDUU parallel sessions

Start with three or four parallel FTP sessions. Too many parallel FTP sessions can saturate the network link.


IBM SDDUU Compression feature

  • Using the command line version of IBM SDDUU, compression option is activated per default.
  • Using the graphical version of IBM SDDUU, the last state used of this flag, will be kept.
  • When using compression option of IBM SDDUU, prior compression using a platform specific tool is not necessary, nor recommended.


Use of IBM SDDUU command line version on different platforms

IBM SDDUU does include a gui and command line version. If there is no class name specified the class ibmsdduu.gui which is the gui version is started. On many operation systems a double click on the jar file is starting the gui version.
To invoke the command line version you need to start the class ibmsdduu.cmd .

On Windows, LINUX or IBM AIX:

  • java -cp ibmsdduu.jar ibmsdduu.cmd
    There is also a starter perl script available for AIX.

On IBM i/OS:

  1. Place the ibmsdduu.jar file in an IFS directory on the
    system (in your home directory for example)
  2. On the IBM i/OS command line issue the STRQSH command to
    enter the QShell environment. Use the cd command to
    change the current directory to the directory where
    ibmsdduu.jar is stored.
  3. Call the application in QShell with following command:
    java -Djava.version=1.6 -cp ibmsdduu.jar ibmsdduu.cmd

Required files:

  • ibmsdduu.jar
  • ibmsdduu.job

store the ibmsdduu.jar file in a direcotry of your choice.
Edit the sample job file ibmsdduu.job . Change the directory
to ibmsdduu.jar and verify that the directory to the java
installation ( in the PATH statement ) is correct.

Start the program with the option -help to get a detailed
description of the command line parameter and defaults.


Supported Java version

IBM SDDUU is developed for Java 6.


Language support of IBM SDDUU

IBM SDDUU selects the current language settings of the operating system to select the language of the user interface. If the language is not supported, English is used as an fall back.
Following languages are supported at this time:

  • English
  • German
  • Japanese
  • French

Without a "config file", ibmsdduu tries to start with the language of your system. If ibmsdduu does not support your local language, it is using English instead.
Using the command line version, the language selection can be overwritten by a parameter:

<language> is the ISO abbreviation of the language, eg en for English, de for German, ja for Japanese

The language of the gui version can be choosen with the "Program Settings" dialog. This setting is stored in your home directory in the file ibmsdduu.conf. Next start ibmsdduu is using the language specified in this file and not the language of your system.

If you need to reset this, you can edit the ibmsdduu.conf file, which is a simple text file, or remove the file. Removing the file resets all local configurations to default values.
If you choose to edit the file, remove the line -lang=... to reset the language selection.

It is also possible to overwrite the language selection with a command line parameter. The parameter is the same as for the command line version. Use the same command as you use for the command line version. Just replace ibmsdduu.cmd with ibmsdduu.gui.


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