I cannot upload a file larger than 2 gigabyte

The current implementation of Firefox and Internet Explorer does not allow HTTP uploads that exceed a 2 gigabyte limit. If you are trying to upload multiple files in one session (up to five are offered), please make sure that the total upload size is less than 2 gigabyte. If a single file is larger than 2 gigabyte, either use FTP or SFTP for the file upload or split the file.


HTTP upload for Americas using testcase

Other the using European ECuRep HTTP/HTTPS upload directly, HTTPS upload site for Americas, Testcase, requires some additional steps to be aware of:

  1. Testcase only supports HTTPS, HTTP will be redirected to HTTPS
  2. An IBM ID is required to upload data using HTTPS to testcase
  3. Do not try to upload data into "/toibm" directory, this will fail, please use an appropriate subdirectory of it (like /toibm/aix or /toibm/windows for instance)
  4. Do not use the Reload-Button after sending data to IBM, this will upload the file again


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