Open a problem record

Do not submit files until you have opened a problem record with the support center.
If you do not have an open PMR
you can create one now via :


Collecting and submitting files using ISA and SR

The IBM Support Assistant provides an interface to the Service Request (SR) tool so that you can easily send data to ECuRep and update your PMR when the data arrives. The Support Assistant will also simplify opening the PMR.

To save even more time, the Support Assistant features a data collector that automates the collection of data for common problems you might encounter. Once you collect your data, you can then quickly submit the data with only a few clicks.


Attaching files to a PMR using SR

Customers that are registered and on an authorized caller list can use the SR tool to submit and manage new or existing Problem Management Records on demand. For more information, see Using the Service Request tool for managing problem management records.
For existing PMRs:

  1. Sign onto SR.
  2. On the Welcome page, enter the PMR number in the Enter a service request number field and click Go.
  3. Scroll down to the Attach additional files field.
  4. Click Browse to locate the log or trace file that you want to submit to IBM Support.
  5. Click Submit to transfer your file to IBM Technical Support through HTTPS (ECuRep) and associated with this PMR.

For new PMRs:

  1. Create one now via ESR and attach your files.


How ServiceLink/IBMLink users should submit files

Customers with z/OS products using ServiceLink / IBMLink to submit PMRs should send data to the support team using one of the servers (ECuRep or Testcase) via HTTPS using the Problem Documentation Upload Utility, or compressed with AMATERSE and HTTPS, or email.
Note: Sending data via email is only possible for ECuRep. This facility is not available in Testcase.


Receiving files from IBM Technical Support

Occasionally IBM Technical Support needs to make files available for customer download. In the event that you need to pull a file from the IBM FTP site, use the following instructions and the exact directory and filename name provided by your IBM support representative:
Download instructions:

  1. From a command prompt, terminal window, or FTP client, FTP to the following site:
    Now would be a good time to note the current 'pre-ftp' directory, as this will be where your downloaded files will be located.

    Note: Contact your support representative to check for the preferred server for downloading the files.
  2. Login as anonymous.
  3. Enter your e-mail address as the password.
  4. Change your directory to the /fromibm directory by entering the following command:
    cd fromibm
  5. To retrieve your file(s), change your directory to the directory specified by your Support Representative by entering the following command:
    cd <directory>
    Note: For a list of available directories, type the dir command
  6. Enter the following command to enable binary mode for the FTP session:
  7. Enter the following command to download the data from the server:
  8. Enter the following command to end your FTP session:

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