Agenda - International Linux on z Systems Workshop

Day 1 - March 28, 2017
10:00 am Welcome
10:15 am Linux on z Systems and LinuxONE positioning
10:45 am Database as a Service
11:15 am Break
11:45 am Linux Open Source Ecosystem, Microservices and Integration options
12:25 pm VMWare Vrealize integration with z/VM Openstack
12:45 pm Lunch
1:45 pm Docker on IBM z Systems
2:45 pm Blockchain on z Systems
3:45 pm Break
4:15 pm FCP with Linux on z Systems: SCSI over Fibre Channel - Best Practices
4:45 pm Linux on z Systems: Channel Bonding Interface - Best Practices
5:15 pm ID News
5:30 pm Introduction of experts
6:00 pm Dinner in the IBM location

Day 2 - March 29, 2017
8:30 am What's New - Linux on IBM z Systems
9:30 am Upstream news KVM
10:00 am Break
10:15 am Cloud and DevOps with Linux on z Systems
11:00 am z/VM 6.4: Preparation & Use
11:45 am SMT considerations - what are the (performance) critical cases
12:45 pm Lunch
1:45 pm Linux performance tools
2:45 pm Single Sign-On and Full Audit Trail with z/OS, Microsoft Active Directory, and WebSphere Application Server including Linux on z Systems
3:30 pm Wrap up