IBM Deutschland Forschung und Entwicklung

The IBM Germany Research & Development Lab

Technologies and Solutions for the global market

The IBM Germany Research & Development Center based in Boeblingen, south of Stuttgart is one of the largest research and development centers of the corporation outside the US. Since established in 1953, the center runs IT development and research projects for the global market. Today, around 1.800 computer scientists, electrical engineers and physicists from more than 30 countries on site as well as in other cities in Germany are working in more than 70 hardware and software projects in close cooperation with other IBM research and development centers around the globe. The project topics range from Cloud Computing to Data Analytics, from Software for Business Process Management, Data Center Optimization to Web 2.0 Technologies, as well as Hardware, Firmware and Operating Systems for IBM Systems.

The Lab hosts the largest team of experts for the open operating system Linux as well as for SAP technologies on IBM hard- and software platforms.

A number of Lab experts hold lectures at various German universities and maintain collaborations with more than 30 national academic and research institutions to ensure a continuous transfer of knowledge between industry and science.

A Global Client Center offers customers and business partners dedicated workshops to learn first-hand from experts about technology trends, IBM technologies and solutions, share innovative ideas, experience products first hand and see live solution demonstrations in order to design the future architecture for their IT environment and demands.