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IBM at CEBIT 2018
12. – 15. June 2018
Pavillons 34 & 35

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, the Internet of Things - all of these new smart technologies are there to change the world. Quicker than ever before. They offer the opportunity to completely rethink things and look at them from a different perspective.

Welcome to IBM at the new CEBIT.



Let's create something wonderfully unique together. Together, we can use this unique atmosphere in order to address your biggest challenges.


Fascinating new technologies await you. Learn how you can use quantum computing, blockchain and the IoT in order to achieve more than ever before.


Use the expertise you find at CEBIT. Work on new ideas and put these into practice.

IBM Booth

Artificial Intelligence, cloud, blockchain and quantum computing are just some of the topics that we are hoping to discuss with you at CEBIT. Select the subjects that interest you from the dropdown menu and learn where you can find everything at the IBM stand in pavilions 34 & 35.

IBM Speaker at d!talk

IBM Services powered by IBM iX

“You bring the challenge. We bring the smart.”

We will spend one hour ensuring that your digital agenda forms the focus. At CEBIT, we will work together on the greatest challenges you face in the following areas.

Data Driven Marketing & Commerce:

Let’s Reimagine Your Marketing & Commerce Capabilities for Data Driven Customer Journeys.

Mobile & Digital Experience:

Let’s Create a New Mobile & Digital Experience for Engaged Clients & Employees.

Digital Reinvention™ & Cognitive Solutions:

Let’s Accelerate Your Digital Reinvention for Growth and Biz Transformation. 

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