IBM R&D Lab Prague

IBM Research and Voice Technologies

IBM Research has been leading and influencing speech recognition technologies and products for half a century. We have pioneered much of the basics of speech recognition technology and continue to be influential in setting the directions in which the technology moves today. Statistical modeling introduced by IBM in 1970s helped proliferate the technology to various aspects of everyday life today, from vehicle, cell phone and audio system voice commands to voice-automated phone menus.

IBM Prague R&D Lab

IBM Prague R&D Lab, created in 1995 by Czech speech scientists working previously at T.J. Watson Research Center in US, has been integral part of this research effort – focusing mainly on embedded speech recognition, natural language understanding, conversational modeling, multi-modality, prototyping of advanced user interfaces and human factors. The technical span of researchers varies from mathematics, signal processing, and acoustic modeling to linguistic, dialog design, and user interfaces.

The group has published a number of papers and filed numerous patents. The researchers in the group have experience with both academic and industrial research and many have contributed to large-scale international projects such as EU FP5/FP6 (CATCH-2004, TC-STAR, CHIL, DICIT, HomeTalk, NetCarity). In 2009, IBM Research was awarded the 2009 IEEE Corporate Innovation Recognition Award for its long term commitment to pioneering research, innovation development and commercialization of speech recognition. It is the recognition of many great innovators who have worked at IBM Research to advance speech recognition and NLP technologies during these long years, including many names of researchers and technologists from IBM Prague R&D Lab.

Collaboration with academia

IBM R&D Lab has long-standing history of collaborating with academia and industrial sphere both on local and European scale. IBM Prague R&D Lab has been involved in multiple EU projects together with partners from KTH Sweden, IRST, Italy, UPC Spain, UKA Germany, ELDA France, ITC Spain, LIMSI, Nokia, Siemens, INRIA France and many others. On the local scale, we have been involved and organized many projects with local universities CVUT, UK, VSE, BUT and others. Numerous student projects are supervised by IBM R&D Lab staff.

Prague R&D Lab Facts