IBM Client Center

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The Zurich ISL is located on the campus of IBM Research - Zurich, thus being very close to where new technologies are born. A selection of recent announcements from IBM Research illustrates the broad spectrum of focus areas: from chip cooling to e-mobility and personalized medicine.

  • Breakthrough for MRSA Treatment (US)

    Researchers discovered a nanomedicine breakthrough. New molecular structures could fight infectious diseases like MRSA better than conventional antibiotics.

  • Digital privacy solutions

    ABC4Trust, a major research initiative, pilots cryptographic technologies that enable European citizens to better protect their privacy and identities.

  • Patient Portal reinvented (US)

    The IBM Patient Empowerment System enables patients to integrate and manage their healthcare data for all medical needs, receive personalized recommendations or alerts for safer medical treatment, and immediately access data from a vast range of sources.

  • Supercomputer in a sugar cube

    At this year's CeBIT, IBM presented its first so-called hot-water-cooled systems, which will provide a sneak preview of future innovations: Supercomputers the size of sugar cubes.

  • World Community Grid (US)

    The World Community Grid is a virtual supercomputer that helps scientists solve humanitarian challenges by tapping the unused computing power of personal computers around the world.

  • IBM Watson

    Over the past four years, a team of IBM scientists have set out to accomplish a grand challenge – build a computing system that rivals a human’s ability to answer questions posed in natural language with speed, accuracy and confidence.

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