IBM Client Center

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Our offerings

Our environment is best suited for stimulating and action inspiring discussions on the future of your industry, the next level of innovation, trend research that helps shape the future of your business, and the latest IT technology developments. Our facilities are also fitted with state of the art audio-visual technologies, which enable face-to-face discussions with remote experts from various domains.

Listed below, you will find a broad range of offerings. Please take a look and see which ones would best fit your interest.

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If you would like to know more about our offerings, please contact us.

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Industry-specific dialogues on research, trends and innovation

Discover the latest megatrends and participate in customized in-depth discussions on innovation, research and industry-specific challenges to gain new insights for your strategic decisions.

“Out of the box”

You have a workshop/an event in mind that you would like to realize with us, but that is not on our list of offerings? Let’s find out what is possible – just get in touch with us, share your ideas with us, and we will help you realize the workshop/event you have mind.

The ISL on tour

There is also the possibility to book one of our experts for a talk, e.g., about hot research trends at your venue. This can be for a client meeting, team meeting or a town-hall meeting.

Realizing the vision of a smarter city

Our cities are facing numerous challenges – across business and people systems and core infrastructures, such as transport, water, energy and communication – that have to be addressed holistically. We offer a series of workshops to bring your vision of a smarter city (US) into reality. In 1-2 day workshops you can profit from our global experience. Each workshop consists of a thought leadership discussion on smarter cities led by IBM researchers and business experts and in-depth dialogs to identify new opportunities for your city. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to get firsthand insights into innovative solutions and research projects.

Innovation discovery workshops

Work with our experts on your innovation challenges, and take home concrete and actionable ideas tailored to the challenges your company faces.

Future Lab

Benefit from the insights that IBM researchers and consultants gain through various trend studies that IBM conducts on a regular basis. In the Future Lab, we will share these findings with you and look into the implications they have for your business.

The ISL as your venue

You can rent our rooms and infrastructure for a perfectly organized event in an inspiring and innovative atmosphere. Take a virtual tour of our facilities.

Workshops on innovation management/ innovation marketing and communication

Innovation management by itself is no longer sufficient to translate research success into success as an innovator. Innovation management must be complemented by innovation marketing and communication. Based on the findings of a study that IBM Research conducted together with the University of St. Gallen, a major Swiss business school, we show you / let you discover how innovation communication could contribute to your success.
Contact: Karin Vey

Exploration workshops

The exploration workshops are a collaborative effort between IBM sellers and IBM’s clients. For IBM, these workshops are a chance to share IBM’s most advanced thinking; for IBM’s client, to discuss their business trajectory. It is an opportunity to work together to uncover what Smarter Planet means for our client's business. The workshops are 1–2 day collaborative sessions. Each workshop consists of two main components – a Thought Leadership discussion led by IBM subject matter experts and explorations, interactive and collaborative discussions designed to identify new opportunities. The workshop is designed to expose clients to many possibilities with concrete, industry examples of Smarter Planet thinking in action. Every workshop leverages a full complement of IBMers, tools and demos to make the workshop come to life.

Nanotechnology Briefings

Nanotechnology is an enabling technology that is expected to spark advances in various fields ranging from information and communications technology (ICT) to energy and environment, health care and bio-analytics. Nanotechnology holds promise to help tackle some of the biggest problems of our time such as more efficient use of solar energy and new ways of water purification. In May 2011, IBM Research and ETH Zurich opened an ultramodern collaborative nanotechnology research facility on the campus of IBM Research - Zurich. At the ISL you will be able to gain valuable insights into nanotechnology for a variety of industries.