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15.06.2017 - Hands-on-Lab - IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 Server: Exploring Alternate Hierarchies using REST API - IBM Client Center, Lab, Vulkanstrasse 106 , 8010 Zurich, Switzerland

Scope of the Hands-On Lab

This IBM Client Center session will guide software developers and database administrators to learn all about the latest Alternate Hierarchies feature in IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 Server. Instructed by Hubert Heijkers you will explore what hierarchies are all about, how to create dimensions with multiple alternate hierarchies using TurboIntegrator (TI) and the REST API and discover how you use them in practice using Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) and using Planning Analytics with Excel (PAX).

What is in for your business

Built on the powerful OLAP engine of IBM TM1, IBM Planning Analytics automates your essential planning, budgeting and forecasting processes. But it also provides self-service analytics for business users and flexible, multidimensional modeling for your finance team. Starting from a customizable planning workspace, IBM Planning Analytics discovers insights automatically– directly from your data – and empowers users with the speed, agility and foresight they need to deliver better business results.

Who is your instructor

Hubert Heijkers is IBM Senior Technical Staff Member, Chief Architect TM1 Server and OData evangelist. He is the mastermind behind TM1 Server and has a long history of TM1 with Applix, Temtec and IBM.