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The IBM Client Center Research Zurich is the unique place in Europe to pick the brain of IBM researchers, industry and trend experts, in order to tackle today's and tomorrow's challenges. It is located on the campus of the famous IBM Research Zurich lab, home of two Nobel prizes. The center provides companies, academia and government with the opportunity to find out how IBM's R&D assets, trend research, advanced technologies and solutions could increase their success.

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Further partners in the new center are the EMPA, a Swiss national research institution, and several Lithuanian universities. In the new center scientists will research novel nanoscale structures and devices, thus paving the way for energy efficient high performance computing. Since its invention nanotechnology has turned into a key technology not only for the IT industry but also for many other fields such as healthcare or the energy sector. Zurich was a natural choice for the new center as IBM Research – Zurich is considered the birthplace of nanotechnology. Here IBM scientists Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer invented the scanning tunneling microscope for which they were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1986.

If you want to know more about our nanotechnology research please read the press release visit our IBM Forum Virtual Client Center (link resides outside of or get in touch with Karin Vey.

The $90 million research center, which features cleanrooms and six of the world’s most advanced “noise-free” labs, is the centerpiece of a 10-year strategic partnership in nanoscience between IBM and ETH Zurich.

Watch a recording of the opening ceremony (link resides outside of