Recycling of WEEE

IBM and the end of live of data processing material

In order to protect health and the natural sources of the environment, the European Union has adopted the WEEE directive concerning discarded electric and electronic equipment (AEEA).

This directive was converted into Belgian right by the three districts:

These decisions reinforce among other things the legislation of the districts for the waste products originating from professionally electric and electronic equipment.

Valorization of household WEEE

IBM has joined Recupel for the collection and the treatment of Household products. We are inviting our customers to use the town container parks or to bring back their used equipments to their distributors when buying a new equivalent equipment.

Valorization of professional WEEE

Since 1999, IBM has put in place a global solution to treat IT Hardware at end of life, optimizing reuse, recycling and other form of valorization.

We have had already an experience of collecting and treating 540 000 tons of IT equipments.

Enlarging our own experience for the need of our customers, we have put in place a collection and treatment chain.

In conjunction with the region dependant legislation:
IBM insures the collection and treatment of WEEE out of products we have put on the market after August 13, 2005 – recognizable by the logo « crossed trash » at the rear of the equipment, and also of products put on the market before August 13, 2005 when they are replacing an equivalent product or a product with the same functions IBM offers the customers two take-back platforms to collect end-of-life IBM equipment.

Recycling information

Upon request, and in accordance with Article 11 of the EU Directive 2002/96 (EC) on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and its respective transpositions into national law of the EU Member States, IBM will provide information to recyclers in accordance with the ‘EICTA, CECED, AeA and EERA Joint Position Guidance on Implementing Article 11 of Directive 2002/96 (EC) Concerning Information for Treatment Facilities’.  In order for the request to be processed, requests must be submitted in English and include the following information:

Company Name / Country:
Authorization/permit #:
email address:
Contact name:

Please direct your inquiry one of the following:


Customer is solely responsible for complying with the legal obligations of all applicable data protection legislation, in particular with the legality of transmission of data to IBM and its suppliers and the legal requirements for processing of data.

Prior to hand-over of equipment to IBM or our designated WEEE supplier, customer must delete all data (including all personal data, encrypted data, passwords, and software) contained in/on such equipment including hard files, diskettes, storage devices, memory chips and the like.

IBM will not accept any responsibility or obligation of confidentiality for the security of any data.

IBM will not, however, check the contents or check for the presence of such data prior to the recycling/disposal process, during which IBM and its respective WEEE suppliers are authorized to wipe, delete or otherwise destroy any data that may still be contained in returned WEEE.

Customer will own and remain responsible for the data at all times and IBM will not accept any liability resulting from the contents of any data contained in/on the WEEE handed over to Geodis or our designated WEEE supplier.

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