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IBM - Brussels (HQ)
The IBM Client Center is located in the IBM HQ building
Avenue du Bourget/Bourgetlaan, 42
B-1130 Brussels
Phone : + 32 2 339 55 60

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Customer Parking - Level -1

The customer parking is located behind the IBM building. When you get to the entrance, please ring to enter the parking. If you are enrolled to one of our customer meetings a parking space will already be reserved for you.

Drive down the slope and enter the parking (gates will open automatically). Turn right when entering the parking at -1, and then left to find the customer parking. Please ring at the gate to enter the secured customer parking area.

Where is the IBM Client Center ?

To find your way to the IBM Client Center from the parking, take the elevator or stairs to the ground floor. Exit and walk to the reception at your right hand side.

When returning to your car, you will need to ring outside the entrance of the parking to get access to the elevators and stairs to level -1.

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