R IBM Innovative Solutions - Belgium/Luxembourg

IBM Client Center

The Demo Area is a large open space in the IBM Client Center Brussels, in which all kinds of activities and demonstrations are organised. Because our centre welcomes over 18,000 visitors every year, this is a good opportunity for you to put your products and services on display throughout the year.

IBM Smarter Cloud

  • With cloud computing a new generation of information technology has arrived. It is a new model for access to the IT resources. Get cloud computing right.

IBM Watson

  • For the first time, IBM is working to give individual consumers access to Watson's groundbreaking powers while helping companies build stronger relationships with customers.

IBM Research for a Smarter planet

  • No matter where discovery takes place, IBM Researchers push the boundaries of science, technology and business to make the world work better.

Security executive briefing center

  • Meeting rooms and lounges at the EBC, replete with the latest network technology, enable customers to be connected real-time with experts from around the world to discuss their security needs. But the EBC also contains laboratories, where Security Services can develop specific security solutions and run pilots and demos for customers.