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Cognitive technology is transforming sectors, companies and professions – and it’s happening right now! With Watson, IBM makes it easy to apply cognitive technology in organizations of all sizes. What makes Watson unique is that it can derive knowledge from incredible amounts of data at lightning speed. This includes the 80% of unstructured data that we don’t use today, such as free text or image data.

Cognitive systems like Watson reason, learn and help professionals to reach better decisions. As they understand human language and emotions, it’s now possible to actually talk with them. All these developments mark the beginning of a new era: the era of cognitive business.


How to become a cognitive business


More than 300 professionals in IT & Innovation, security and finance joined us at the Watson Brussels Summit on May 30/31. During workshops, demos, round tables and presentations they gathered loads of inspiration for the application of cognitive solutions. They discovered how to use Watson to get better results more quickly, learned from the insights and experiences of experts and colleagues in their field, and discussed opportunities and possibilities.

Thanks to all participants, speakers, and partners for making the Watson Brussels Summit such a success!

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Gain insights into how and why people think, act and feel the way they do. Enter some text and let Watson identify your personality.

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IBM Client Center, IBM HQ building, Avenue du Bourget/Bourgetlaan 42, B-1130 Brussels

Wouter Denayer

Wouter Denayer, Technical Lead Belux
In this role Wouter assists partners with understanding and implementing strategic technologies. He is also an enthusiastic people manager, architect profession lead for Benelux and member of IBM's global Academy of Technology leadership team. To find what he's up to lately, have a look on twitter @WouterDenayer.

  • Joan Van Loon

    Joan Van Loon, IBM Enterprise Business Unit Leader Belux

    After starting his career as a health economist, Joan has over 21 years of experience working in business management & management consulting.

    In his current role, Joan leads the Public, Life Sciences, Telecommunications and Utilities industries in Belux. He is IBM global thought-leader for healthcare. As ambassador and spokesperson, he delivers presentations, guest lectures and media coverage in healthcare, cognitive innovation and Watson.

  • Erno Doorenspleet

    Erno Doorenspleet, Executive Security Advisor, IBM

    Erno Doorenspleet is part of the European Security CTO office within the IBM Security Business Unit. Erno has more than 20 years of experience in IT, covering Security & Risk Management, Governance & Operations and Outsourcing.

    He is a national and international speaker and publisher on the relationship of business with Security, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Information technology.

  • Jo Caudron

    Jo Caudron, Founding Partner at Duval Union Consulting

    Jo Caudron (1968) is one of Belgium’s internet pioneers. As a serial entrepreneur, he has (co-)founded more than 20 digital companies. He has an eye for the latest trends and anticipates them like no other.

    Today, Jo is the founding partner at Duval Union Consulting, a consultancy firm specializing in digital strategy and transformation. His most recent book, Digital Transformation, shows (traditional) businesses how they can adapt to the disruptive power of digital first competitors.

  • Michiel Vandendriessche

    Michiel Vandendriessche, AI and Datascientist

    Michiel Vandendriessche is a computer scientist with a specialisation in data analytics and artificial intelligence. He started in Craftworkz with his work in AI-driven fall detection. Instead of coding rules for detecting a fall from someone's wrist watch, he developed a system that could learn these sophisticated rules itself by analysing examples of falls and non-falls. Furthermore, he gained a lot of expertise in developing chatbots. He uses well-known technologies like IBM Watson Conversation and started the development of Craftworkz' own framework called "Oswald".

  • Arnaud Le Hors

    Arnaud Le Hors, Senior Technical Staff Member, Open Web Technologies, IBM Cloud

    Arnaud Le Hors is senior technical staff member of open web technologies at IBM. Arnaud has been working on open technologies for over 20 years, focusing on standards and open source development, both as a staff member of standards development organizations (SDOs) such as W3C and as a representative for IBM. Arnaud has been involved in every aspect of the standards development process.

  • Deevid De Meyer

    Deevid De Meyer, Robotics and Chatbox Engineer

    Deevid De Meyer is one of the mad engineers at Craftworkz. Deevid has been highly involved in building robotic applications. At Craftworkz, we take the whole "humanoid robot"-story one step further by adding some AI sauce on top of the robot application which adds an extra dimension. Deevid is the go-to person when it comes to AI & robotics.Michiel Vandendriessche is a computer scientist with a specialisation in data analytics and artificial intelligence. He started in Craftworkz with his work in AI-driven fall detection. Instead of coding rules for detecting a fall from someone's wrist watch, he developed a system that could learn these sophisticated rules itself by analysing examples of falls and non-falls. Furthermore, he gained a lot of expertise in developing chatbots. He uses well-known technologies like IBM Watson Conversation and started the development of Craftworkz' own framework called "Oswald".

  • Ronald Teijken

    Ronald Teijken, IoT evangelist IBM

    Ronald Teijken is Client Advisor for Internet of Things & Analytics Distribution and Industrial Sector Europe at IBM and has more than 25 years of professional experience in manufacturing, retail and IT with a strong focus on Supply Chain Management.

  • Paul Danneels

    Paul Danneels, CIO (Chief Information Manager), VDAB

    Turned around IT from enabling to ‘outside-in’ thinking with a focus on digital business models. Inspired teams and stakeholders to undertake execution of major programs with significant business impact.

    Demonstrated success in building collaborative and trustworthy partnerships with internal and external stakeholders. Successfully delivered consulting and change missions in both the public and private sectors relating to IT strategy and Business and ICT alignment. Was responsible for BPR projects improving operational excellence and change management projects mobilizing large organizations.

  • Martijn Rooks

    Martijn Rooks, CEO Cloud-Nanny

    Martijn Rooks is the CEO of Cloud-Nanny, a company that manufactures and markets smart Internet routers. These routers can help parents monitor and manage their families’ Internet usage. Cloud-Nanny provides ChildRouter, a cloud-based traffic analytics solution that intelligently checks and classifies websites based on their content, helping to make smarter decisions about which sites to block.

  • Dirk De Bevere

    Dirk De Bevere, IBM Business Line Executive for Integrated Technology Services (ITS) in Benelux

    Dirk has 22 years of experience in the IT industry. Today he leads a cross-functional team spanning sales, solutioning, local and off-shored delivery.

    He is a member of the IBM Benelux Senior Leadership Team and the IBM Belgium Executive Committee. In addition, he serves as board member for IBM Services Financial Sector Luxembourg.

  • Catherine De Lattre

    Catherine De Lattre, CFO IBM Belgium & Luxembourg

    Catherine De Lattre became Financial Manager of IBM Belgium/Luxembourg in April 2016. In this role, she is responsible for all the financial departments: Accounting, Finance and Planning, Business Controls and Treasury. Alongside this role Catherine is also Controller of IBM Benelux. She previously occupied a number of positions in IBM: CFO of the Joint Venture BNP Paribas Partners for Innovation Belgium, and several management roles in IBM’s service departments. Catherine started her career as a financial analyst with Sara Lee.

  • Jo Cobbaut, Editor in chief, FD Magazine

    Jo Cobbaut, Editor in chief, FD Magazine

    Jo Cobbaut has been writing articles on the world of work, management and entrepreneurship since 1995, with a focus on ethics, HR management and financial management.

    • Editor in chief of Ondernemen (VKW) since 1998
    • Editor in chief FD Magazine since 2006
    • Editor in chief HR Magazine since December 2015
  • Paul Denayer

    Paul Denayer, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Alpro

    As Vice President, Chief Financial Officer of Alpro (member of WhiteWave Foods), Paul Denayer is responsible for driving financial performance and achieving sustainable profitable growth.

    Paul has over 20 years of experience in international Finance management, with responsibilities in accounting, controlling, tax, treasury, IT and business process management, currently leading a team of 60 people. As member of the Executive Team, he sets strategic direction and defines priorities, monitors the translation of the defined strategy and defines action plans in case of deviations.
    He is a strong communicator with a strategic mindset and an outside-in thinking mentality. He believes that by acting as true business partner to your organization and by empowering others, you can further unlock value and deliver better results.

  • Rik Vera

    Rik Vera, Thought Leader & CEO, Nexxworks

    Rik is a renowned thought-leader, worldwide keynote speaker, acclaimed author and trusted advisor on the topics of disruption, business model change, extreme customer-centricity, and getting companies prepared for the Day After Tomorrow.

  • Diederik Bossuyt

    Diederik Bossuyt is Vice President Group Controller and financial director of Netwerk and IT of Proximus

    He has a team of 35 business partners. Recently he managed the transition of Proximus from a vertical organisation to a transversal structure.

    As a result of these projects the Proximus board now has the tools to strengthen and develop the business processes and reap the financial benefits of strong operational results.

  • Xavier Van Houte

    Xavier Van Houte, Senior Manager Group Control and Consolidation, Umicore

    Xavier has 20 years of experience of combined risk management, commercial and finance responsibilities within Umicore through both business unit and headquarters perspectives. He was instrumental and successful to develop proprietary systems in those disciplines, to ensure efficiency and sustainability for Umicore operations world-wide. After leading Group Reporting and Consolidation (last 3 years), he recently got appointed Head of the Finance Competence Center, aiming at supporting Umicore finance community in its growth challenges. Hence a team of 8 experts, in close collaboration with IS department do focus on ERP systems, risk management (especially metal and currencies), reporting and planning applications.

  • Steven Stijger

    Steven Stijger, IBM Design Thinking leader

    As an IBM Design Thinking Leader with more than 18 years of experience, Steven conducted many successful Design learning sessions and IBM Design Thinking workshops all over the world for IBM and her clients.

  • Volker Kreuter

    Volker Kreuter, Watson Leader Europe, IBM

    Volker joined IBM as a development engineer in the Lab Boeblingen (Germany). After having had various Technical Sales and Lab Services leadership roles in IBM Software Group he broadened his international experience with roles and assignments in Zuerich (Switzerland) and Dubai (UAE) as region or GEO technical exec. With his return to Europe he first lead the cross brand Lab Services organization in SWG and joined the Watson organization as their Europe Cognitive Solution Architects leader 3 years ago.

  • Ulrich Seldeschlachs

    Ulrich Seldeschlachs, CEO LSEC

    Ulrich Seldeslachts, CEO of LSEC, joined LSEC late 2006, to support the organization in its future growth strategy. LSEC, an international IT - & Information Security not for profit organization connects security experts, research institutes and universities, government agencies, end users, funding bodies and technical experts who are driving European research agendas. LSEC activities aim to raise cyber security awareness, support innovation and improve the competitiveness of the IT- Security market.

    Prior to LSEC, Ulrich started the European branch of Clearwire the North-American WiMAX operator, founded by Craig Mc Caw. Ulrich was responsible for the development of 7 broadband wireless operations throughout Europe. Ulrich has an experience in business and corporate development, and company innovation.

  • Vincent Laurens

    Vincent Laurens, Vice President and Cybersecurity Practice Executive, Sogeti

    Vincent Laurens graduated with a Master’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He started his career in the IT security field as an independent ethical hacker in the mid-1990’s. Vincent joined Sogeti in June 2013 to start the Luxembourg Security Practice and to support Sogeti Group in strategic security initiatives all around the world.

  • Lorenzo Bown

    Lorenzo Bown, CEO StoryMe
    As Founder & CSO of StoryMe, Lorenzo Bown is in charge of global strategy and international development for the Belgian-based scale-up. Four years ago, he saw an opportunity to help companies communicate their messages in a simple and convincing way with the help of video. His entreprenerial mentality combined with a fierce feeling for fun has allowed the company to grow exponentially. Currently, StoryMe is known in Belgium and beyond as a workplace that stimulates creativity and encourages its employees to innovate without limits.

    With a team of more than 50 employees, Lorenzo balances managing a productive work environment with generating new leads, and is constantly searching for new areas of innovation within Video Marketing. The last year has meant exciting international expansion and business growth with no signs of slowing down.

  • Wim Verplancke

    Wim Verplancke, Director Treasury, Accounting and Consolidation BekaertDeslee

    Wim Verplancke is a results-driven finance executive with more than 15 years of progressive experience in financial management within listed, family owned and family-equity organizations with a global footprint and 2 500+ employees.

    AS CFO of DesleeClama Group, he completed the due diligence process with Bekaert Textiles Group in March 2016. Since that date, Wim has been leading the finance integration activities of the new BekaertDeslee Group, manufacturing mattress fabrics and mattress covers in 10 business units and 19 locations worldwide. Today, he is transforming the BekaertDeslee finance department from ‘local processor’ into a cost efficient ‘business partner’ by simplifying business processes and implementing automated & integrated solutions.

Frederik Bocklandt, Finance PMO & Process Improvements Director, Unilin.

  • Bert Vanspauwen

    Associate Partner IBM Security Services

    Bert is an Associate Partner at IBM Security Services with a special focus on Identity and Access Management and Data Privacy. He is experienced in building and leading large security programs for a variety of industries and runs Managed Security Services for several of our clients. Bert graduated as a civil engineer in computer sciences with a strong affiliation towards networks and security. Bert is CISSP certified (www.isc2.org) since 2007, Prince2 (2011), ISO27001 Lead Implementer and CISM (2014).

  • Johan Dieltjens

    Johan Dieltjens, Technical Sales IBM Security, CISSP

    is a senior IT Specialist at IBM for the IBM Security portfolio with over 10 years experience. Specializing on Security Information & Event Management (SIEM). Johan has extensive knowledge of security concepts, security standards and security tools.

  • Benjamin Lafois

    Benjamin Lafois, IBM Security Services Consultant in France

    is a security consultant with IBM Security Services based in France. He is an expert penetration tester with deep skills on enterprise infrastructures with an extended knowledge on most market leaders environments: Unix, Windows, Mac Os X... He also performs application security assessments as well as mobile and embedded security tests. He has strong expertise regarding security best practices and security processes for big organizations because of its previous experience at IBM Strategic Outsourcing. He has been delivering security engagements for major actors in Telco, Industry, Aviation and e-commerce all over the world. He also has significant experience in networking (Vyatta) and in infrastructure virtualization (VMWare). His programming skills, especially in Java, allows him to understand custom enterprise applications and create custom automated attacks.

  • Eric Cattoir

    Eric Cattoir, IBM Bluemix specialist

  • Michel van der Poorten

    Michel van der Poorten, Cognitive Business Development Executive Financial Services

  • Francis Werquin

    Francis Werquin, Cloud Services specialist

  • Gianni Manderioli

    Gianni Manderioli, Innovation & Business Developer at Proximus EnCo

  • Craig Dawson

    Craig Dawson, Watson Leader Europe, IBM

    Craig is the European Watson Leader, he has been with with IBM for 19 years during which he has held multiple leadership positions in Europe in Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, and was a Partner in IBMs consulting business.

    He has worked extensively in Banking, Consumer Packaged Goods and Industrial Industries, delivering and running everything from reporting requirements and solution design, through to the development of AI and Analytics solutions focusing on total stack optimisation (Hardware / database / Applications) to ensure fast and effective data movement and insight.

    Since early 2016 Craig has been focused entirely on Artificial Intelligence, and how it can be deployed with appropriate workload to drive insight that empowers decision makers.

  • Mike Cuvelier

    Mike Cuvelier, CFO of Unilin since 2013, has been responsible for the (financial) integration of several acquisitions by the Mohawk Group in Europe (Pergo, Spano, IVC, Xtratherm). Mohawk today is the biggest flooring group in the world. Mike Cuvelier not only focuses on integration though. Unilin continues to invest in the automation of administrative and accounting processes and in new reporting and analytics tools.